Data & Voice

The following are four examples of Ecowise Services' past Communications Contracting projects.

1. Fibre optic re-alignment at Kings Avenue (Commonwealth Agencies)

The project involved the re-alignment of 3 major feeder roads in the ACT Parliamentary Triangle.

This required the associated re-alignment of all services in the roadway verges (these verges were major thoroughfares for critical trunk services).

Ecowise Services was responsible for the re-alignment of the Commonwealth’s dark fibre network, plus AAPT, TransAct and local government network InTACT.

Ecowise Services' responsibilities were as follows:

  • Replacement of the existing smaller core count networks in the vicinity, with a completely new set of high core-count fibre networks;
  • The new network cables ranged from 144 to 624 fibre core count;
  • Total new cable route length totaled approx 15kms, with accompanying manhole pits etc;
  • Approx 6000 splices, undertaken over 3 weekends of November/December 2009;
  • Intense pre-auditing that drilled down to individual fibres. Two of the Carrier networks required Ecowise Services to undertake extensive pre-auditing to provide the documentation required for the subsequent new/cut-over works.

It should be emphasized here that this tight fibre termination window
could only have been achieved with extensive pre-planning and documentation, to allow the windows to occur without surprise.

Feedback from two of the clients:

A fantastic effort, well deserved ‘pat on the back’ for your diligence, consideration and professional attitudes extended toward this project. Congratulations to all
involved for the valiant effort in carrying out the civil works, early arrangement and pre-splicing of the cables to enable such a mammoth task to run so smoothly. Well done Ecowise!
” - Karl Brenner, Assistant Director & ICON Architect.

This has been a truly outstanding performance. The meticulous planning, which goes back many months, set the scene for a great result. The execution of the plan has been masterful... I doubt there is anywhere in the world where splicing on this scale has been carried with such speed and skill. A superb job guys....” - Ric Glenister, ICON Director.

2. Datapod (APC)

The Datapod is an APC solution to the portable datacentre need. The Pod (datacentre) can be placed onto a truck and shipped to anywhere for rapid deployment.
This is a solution provided in several months turnaround compared to the traditional building datacentre of approx 1-2 years.

Ecowise Services was engaged to undertake early assembly and refinement of the major prototype building blocks, including most of the elements of internal fitout (ie trunk data circuits, all power elements, container interconnection and UPS/Rack final mounting).

While elements of this are outside the range of the average electrical contractor, it demonstrates why clients come to Ecowise Services for premium workmanship and service.

3. CCTV Roll-out (ACT Government)

This project involved the ACT Government’s 2nd tranch roll-out of public space security cameras.

Ecowise Services was awarded several portions of this.

Project details:

  • Approx 20 cameras ultimately installed, including Manuka Oval, Manuka Shopping Precinct and Kingston Shopping Precinct;
  • Ecowise Services supplied the trenching and under-boring in busy Retail areas;
  • Ecowise Services was responsible for the provision of the optic fibre and power, plus installation of Multi-function poles, and associated hardware including cameras;
  • Ecowise Services devised an innovative solution for the provision of the power services to the sites (which got around technical hurdles imposed by the local Electricity Utility that would have otherwise caused ugly and cumbersome outcomes for the client).

4. Datacentre works (CSIRO pod at CDC Hume)

This (datacentre) pod is the largest single pod in CDC.

Ecowise Services was successful in tendering for the task, and via our skill and experience we were able complete all aspects of the job within time and within budget.

Ecowise Services has constructed infrastructure and cabled for power and communications for containerised and also more traditional brick and mortar data centres.

Our depth and experience, along with our skills across the board, makes Ecowise a value for money ingredient in this field.

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