Electrical Contracting

The following are 5 examples of Ecowise Services' past Electrical Contracting projects.

1. Main Control Cubicle (MCC) Cotter Water Pumping Station (ACTEW)

As part of the ACT Water Security Strategy, the Bulk Water Alliance (ACTEW, John Holland, Abigroup, GHD) engaged Ecowise Services to undertake the design, supply and installation of the new High Voltage (2.75kV) MCC in the Cotter Raw Water Pumping Station. The project had the usual challenges.

First, a tight timetable for design and construct.

Second, the site was a heritage building from a completely different era, meaning the MCC needed to traverse very tight installation corridors.

Third, the project needed to work around a station that continued to operate throughout the works.

2. Weston to Cotter optic fibre project (ACTEW)

Part of the needs of the Bulk Water Alliance was a high speed communications circuit to support the remote major construction sites. Ecowise Services was contracted to design, supply and install the fibre optic circuit.

Project fundamentals were:

  • Route from the Cotter pumping station to Canberra’s urban perimeter (Weston);
  • Approx 7kms of 12 core self supporting optic fibre cable;
  • Installation of the fibre onto existing 22kV powerline poles;
  • Complete design review of the existing (1940’s vintage) 22kV powerline poles for structural adequacy for the new fibre cable (to the satisfaction of powerline owner ActewAGL);
  • Reliable achievement of designer’s stringing tensions as per the stringing tables;
  • All fibre splicing at the end-points plus 2 extra connection points (droppers) along the way;
  • Most of the works undertaken with the powerline alive;
  • Use of in-house ESI Lineworkers.

3. Bulk Relamp of arterial roadway lighting (ACT Government)

Ecowise Services was awarded the bulk relamp of arterial roadway for a segment of the ACT Government’s streetlighting portfolio.

Project fundamentals were:

  • Supply and install of all materials and traffic control;
  • Approx 2000 streetlights, with a minimum of a new lamp plus cleaning required;
  • Replace some older fittings with new Environ Active Reactor fittings;
  • Columns up to 12 metre, and up to 2 x 3 lane trunk roadways;
  • 4 month project timeline;
  • Strict access times for major roads (to minimize peak hour traffic disruption);
  • Strict safety controls for this obviously hazardous worksite;
  • Two x 40 foot EPV’s with support truck in convoy;
  • All ballasts & wiring etc to be changed on the run (wherever the exiting ballast or wiring would not support the new lamp);  

4. Highview Stage 3 Jindabyne (client Northrop Consulting Engineers)

Ecowise Services was awarded the electrical (powerline) reticulation of this estate. This was a relatively standard Level 1 construction project, with the following fundamentals:

  • 300m of 11kV 240sqmm underground cable;
  • 1200m of LV 240sqmm underground cable;
  • 22 LV pillars;
  • 2 padmount substations plus 1 HV gas switch;
  • 10 streetlight columns;
  • Several stages of temporary HV overhead augmentation to keep the feeder supplying neighbouring loads over several months.

Ecowise Services routinely travels to regional areas for powerline and other construction works.

5. Pialligo Avenue Pialligo street light & traffic signals construction project (ACT Government client)

This was one of the largest infrastructure projects in the ACT in 2009, involving tight timetables. This road network around the Canberra Airport is one of the most congested areas of roadway in the ACT, and the works involved progressive staging to keep the roads functioning throughout.

Project fundamentals were:

  • Supply, install and commission the Traffic Signals at the first intersection;
  • Supply, install and commission the roadway lighting leading to the airport’s final entry and overpass;
  • Supply, install and commission the bridge lighting approach to the first intersection.

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