Commercial/Industrial Maintenance

The following are several examples of Ecowise’s Commercial/Industrial Maintenance projects.

Maintenance of Utility & Council Water and Wastewater Assets

Ecowise Services has many years of experience in providing services in the field of industrial motors, controls and telemetry. We provide maintenance and refurbishment services to most of the sewer and water Utilities and Councils in our region (such as ActewAGL and Queanbeyan City Council).

For ActewAGL, we provide electrical and mechanical maintenance services to their portfolio of water and sewer pumping system assets. ActewAGL’s scheme serves approx 300,000 people, and includes 40 minor water and sewer pumping stations and 6 major water and sewer pumping stations.

2. Traffic Signals, Redlight and Speed Cameras

Ecowise Services personnel have provided installation, maintenance, accident damage repair and modification services for the entire ACT traffic signals network since the introduction of the first set of traffic lights back in the 1960's.

We provide the same services to RTA's NSW traffic light system (in South Eastern NSW region).

More recently we have extended this to include the supply, installation and maintenance of the entire Redlight & Fixed Speed Cameras network in the ACT.

3. Infra-Red scanning for preventative/predictive maintenance

While there are numerous electrical contractors that undertake traditional maintenance on electrical and electromechanical assets in commercial buildings, Ecowise Services takes this further by providing Infra-Red Scanning services as well. Images below show the benefits of Infra-Red scanning to locate more potentially serious maintenance problems before they grow to become fires or surprise plant failures.

4. Major Pump & Motor Maintenance

The Cotter Raw Water Pump Station has a mixture of heritage and new equipment, as part of a working station with heritage values. The station requires routine maintenance cycles to keep the various key assets working. Ecowise Services performs the cyclic maintenance on the various rotating plant on the pump floor, which includes assets from current and former eras.

5. Capital Windfarm

The Capital Windfarm was opened by the Prime Minister in November 2009, and consists of 67 turbines straddling the Lake George eastern ridge.

Capital Windfarm’s operators engaged Ecowise to undertake control/instrumentation wiring checks and related operational checks as part of post-commissioning activities.

Our staff are well versed to such unusual assignments, due to our experience in industrial and high voltage environments.

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