Commercial/Industrial Maintenance

Ecowise Services has many years of experience in the maintenance of industrial motors and controls, and commercial buildings.

For many years we have maintained the water and sewer pump station plant for most of the Utilities and Councils in our region (such as ACTEW and Queanbeyan City Council).

We have maintained most of the Commonwealth’s buildings in the ACT over the years, as well as many ACT Government buildings.

Some of what we do:

    • The installation and maintenance of all forms of industrial pumps, motors, valves and associated controls;
    • We have provided installation, maintenance, accident repair and modifications for the entire ACT traffic signals network since the introduction of the first traffic lights back in the early 1960's;
    • We are fully trained for confined spaces, and well resourced with staffing levels and equipment;
    • Industrial equipment and associated controls;
    • Level sensing, remote monitoring etc;
    • We supply and maintain the ACT’s entire Redlight and speed camera system;
    • Diesel generator and PFC units;
    • Electricity (Revenue) metering;
    • Commercial photovoltaic systems;
    • Electrical Safety Testing (Test/tag);
    • Thermal imaging.

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